Leader of the Every Day Martyrs, foot soldier in the Tunnel Rat Family, H.N.I.C @ Definitive Hustle Music, opposer of everything dishonest in the christian music scene, lover of good lager (Sam Adams), family man, and born again believer in Jesus Christ.

Tracks We've Played

Mirror Selfie (ft. NewSelph)

Nothing Can Stop Me (Prod. by Whatson)

Tunnel Acts

Samson   (2010)

Attention Emcees (ft. Sojourn)

Do It Right

Every Day (ft. Antonious)

Family Come First (ft. SI, Triune)

The Pillage

MemWarz   (2012)

Lift Off (ft. DJ Sean P)

Lucy Smiles


Nuclear Arms (single)   (2018)

Nuclear Arms (ft. DJ Sean P)