New Releases 2018

Posted in 'New Releases' on 1 January 2018, updated 11 May 2018.

Upcoming and recent releases we're excited about from Australia and around the world in 2018.

We've provided links to pre-order, purchase, or download for free (legitimately).

Scroll down below to see what has already been released this year.

Upcoming Releases

Manchild (USA)

Red Bird Day - 30/9 - Bandcamp

The Poet & The Profit (Central Coast, NSW) 


Genesiz (NSW) 


Alert312 (USA)


Kaboose (USA)

album - Crowdfund

Sounds Like Dsipl (Brisbane, Qld) 

album - Bandcamp

Izzy n The Profit (Sydney/Gosford, NSW) 

Black Out

Wizdm (Sydney, NSW) 

The Traveller Part 1

The Commission 

Legacy Vol. 2

Justasifi'd (Canberra, ACT) 

Apostrophis'd Acoustic

MP Ancient (MotionPlus) (USA)

Free But Not Free - donate

Sojourn (USA)

album + beat project

Sivion (USA)


Apollo Creed (Sydney, NSW) 


Manziere (Sydney, NSW) 


The Profit (Central Coast, NSW) 

Early Mornings

Griffin (USA)

Alpha Dog EP

SC11 (Qld) 

Broken EP

L Fire (Perth, WA) 



This Year's Releases

Jackie Hill Perry (USA)

Crescendo - 11/5 - Freely Given

Bizzle (USA)

Light Work - 11/5 - iTunes / Spotify

Beat Rabbi (USA)

Mazel Tov Cocktail - 27/4 - Bandcamp

Andy Mineo (USA)

I: The Arrow - 27/4 - iTunes / Spotify

Chunjay (Royal Ruckus) and Cookbook (LAS) (USA)

World's Okayest Rapper EP - 20/4 - Bandcamp

Bay Side Wreckers (NSW) 

cardio - 19/4 - Bandcamp

D4C (Gold Coast, Qld) 

El Shaddai (single) - 30/3 - iTunes / Google Play

Shelly.H (Wagga Wagga, NSW) 

Trees & Volcanoes - 15/3 - Bandcamp

Armond Wakeup (USA)

Even If I Lose - 27/2 - iTunes / Bandcamp

Vee and Josh (Melbourne, Vic) 

Retro Dreams - 16/2 - iTunes / Google Play

KJ-52 (USA)

Jonah Part Two - 15/2 - iTunes / Spotify

Ozay Moore (USA)

In The Wake Of O - 14/2 - Bandcamp

Tha Guard (Katoomba, NSW) 

Hangfire - 12/2 - Bandcamp

Social Club Misfits (USA)

Into The Night - 9/2 - iTunes / Spotify

Justus (USA)

Sola Gratia - 26/1 - iTunes / Spotify

Ruslan (USA)

Indie Jones II - 18/1 - iTunes / Spotify

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