Propaganda - Crimson Cord

29 Apr 2014 | Download

Propaganda of the Tunnel Rats has released another album on Humble Beast.  "Crimson Cord" is the name, and is available as a free download.  You can buy it on the iTunes Store, and on CD.

1.  You Mock Me
2.  Crimson Cord
3.  Daywalker feat. Lecrae
4.  Make
5.  Bored Of Education
6.  Thanks Rev.
7.  I Ain't Gave Up On You Yet
8.  Framed Stretch Marks feat. Derek Webb & Braille
9.  I Don't See It
10.  3 Cord Bond
11.  How Did We Get Here? feat. Andy Mineo & JGivens
12.  Redeem feat. Lee Green
13.  Tell Me Yours

The first single off Crimson Cord:

Promo video for the album:

Red Bull features two instrumentals from “Crimson Cord”.