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4 Jul 2020

Guest hosted by The Profit.  It's a stir-fry show with pie crust tips.

The Profit

27 Jun 2020

New music out of Krosswerdz Queensland.  Flashback by the L.A. Symphony.

For a special announcement, listen closely to the music or (normal distance) to what I say in this show... 🤐😉


20 Jun 2020

Jabs having some pronouncing difficulties but as always Oaks is there to help him through.  Some dope new tracks, some artists we haven’t played before and a good time was had by all.

Oaks & Jabs

13 Jun 2020

New music by Nuwine & Mr. Solo, LiCon, and K. Sparks...  Aussie Flashback from 20 years ago.


6 Jun 2020

Hey, this week we have a new song by Sareem Poems with production by newselph.  Some songs reflecting on the problem of racism.  Paradox with a new song to encourage us during these times of pandemic and turmoil.

The flashback this week is from Aussie group The Winnie Coopers.


30 May 2020

A cypher sandwich, subtle themes, and an excellent new 90s throwback.

We remember and read condolences for Mr. Solo of the Gospel Gangstaz, who passed away on the 22nd of May.  You can support Solo's family by donating here -


23 May 2020

New music by Propaganda, Bizzle, Jupiter 7, and Kanye West.  Flashback challenge track by the Tunnel Rats.


16 May 2020

Oaks & Jabs are back together in the same room even.  The numbers are in and this episode consists of 75% 2020 releases.  It also consists of a whole lot of laughs, we hope.

Oaks & Jabs

9 May 2020

New music by Sareem Poems & newselph, Flashtheonly, Nu Tone, and K.I.N.G. the MC. 

Double play of songs about mothers.


2 May 2020

New Aussie music by Brad Sabat and D4C.  A song off Wande's new album EXIT.  Eshon Burgundy's song that closed out the recent Krosswerdz Request Line online gathering. 

This week's Flashback Challenge track is by the Washington Projects.


25 Apr 2020

Though we are physically isolated, we can still virtually come together to collaborate.  This show's playlist is made mostly from your votes on the website playlists.

We also have new music by Ryland Junior and Randy Mason.

Flashback challenge track by L.A. Symphony featuring Black Eyed Peas.


18 Apr 2020

Oaks & Jabs are back together separately, just trying to figure out life in this new jungle.  Speaking of which, new music from Datin (named Jungle) and Young Faith plus some bangers and banter.

Oaks & Jabs

11 Apr 2020

Journeying through Good Friday to Easter and beyond...


4 Apr 2020

New Lecrae & YK Osiris, James Gardin, and Jon Keith.  Flashback challenge track by Krum.


28 Mar 2020

Oaks is on his own with Jabs not feeling well.  Bringing you some new music from Datin and Sivion and we even get bilingual on this one with a new track by MC Bigcow from Malaysia.  Check out the video here for English subtitles:

As well as that, plenty of dope tracks plus a vote winning flash back.  Check it.


21 Mar 2020

K-man is filling in for Oaks & Jabs... but since he promised the duo last week, he still delivers.  Just don't call it an Oaks & Jabs special.

New music by Oakbridge, Datin, and Shardz.

Flashback by Phonetic Composition (Freddie Bruno & Krum)


14 Mar 2020

A show of female emcees (and the occasional male feature).


7 Mar 2020

Hip Hop music from Australia to the UK!


29 Feb 2020

Jabs has recovered so the guys are back on the mic.

New music from Datin, Sareem Poems & Newselph and James Gardin.  The return of the segue king, terrible accents and debates about stage names.

Oaks, Jabs

22 Feb 2020

Reflective songs and car songs.  What a good match!


15 Feb 2020

New music by Dee-1 & Murs, Sareem Poems, and Tylerhateslife.  A set of acoustic hip-hop.  Flashback by Soup the Chemist featuring Murs.


8 Feb 2020

New music by Kanye West, NF, Mars ILL, and TNV.

Several tracks from 10 years ago, and a flashback from nearly 20 years ago by DJ Maj with Mars ILL.

How can the show get any better??  Well why not thrown in an Oakbridge double-play!


1 Feb 2020

Playing tunes, talking tunes ...


25 Jan 2020

The most played artists on Definition in the second half of the last decade.

This is based off the quantity of plays of songs released by the artist during that time.  List is not in order.


18 Jan 2020

Oaks & Jabs back for the New Year.  The rules (that Oaks creates for himself) have gone out the window and it's mayhem.  New tracks from Cephas, James Gardin and D4C.  Check it and enjoy.

Oaks, Jabs

11 Jan 2020

The most played artists on Definition in the first half of the last decade.

This is based off the quantity of plays of songs released by the artist during that time.  List is not in order.


4 Jan 2020

Playing more of the hottest songs of 2019, voted & streamed by you ... part 2 of 2


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