Hottest of 2018

1 Jan 2019 | News

We recently played the hottest 30 new songs of 2018.  This list was influenced by your votes on this website.  You might see a much liked artist or two get more than one song on this chart.

You can hear the music on these podcasts - part 1 (30 to 16) and part 2 (15 to 1)

Here's the Hottest 30 songs, voted by you:

30. "What It Takes" by Izzy n The Profit
29. "Take Me Home" by Genesiz ft. Outlawz
28. "Clarity" by Andy Mineo
27. "Learning To Stand" by Shelly.H
26. "Theory Of Self" by Nomis ft. Joe Ayinde
25. "Down" by The Profit
24. "WSTCST" by Ozay Moore ft. Tony Ozier & Teeko
23. "Revelation Is Revolution" by Armond WakeUp
22. "Da Chune Up" by That Brotha Lokey ft. DIE-REK
21. "Like That" by Ruslan ft. Jon Keith & Derek Minor
20. "Blame It On The Hip Hop" by Sons Of Intellect ft. Jered Sanders
19. "The Last Sunrise" by Sundance ft. Adam L
18. "Concrete Pillow" by D Minor ft. Alli Simpson
17. "Get Busy" by Randy Mason
16. "The Spot" by Bay Side Wreckers

15. "Transformed" by That Brotha Lokey ft. Manafest & Rel McCoy
14. "Dominate" by Izzy
13. "Way Up" by Bizzle ft. Sevin
12. "Duck For Cover" by Raw Torque
11. "Go Hard" by Jon Corbin
10. "twenty eighteen." by nobigdyl.
09. "Ain't Love Proud" by Fonke Knomaads ft. They.Call.Me.Solo, Brett Adrien & King O.P.P.
08. "You Care" by Jon Corbin Music
07. "Where You At" by Ozay Moore ft. James Gardin & Jahshua Smith
06. "Return Of The Sentry" by The Guard
05. "The Fool Pt. 1 (Get It Got It Good) by Shad
04. "Hush" by Jackie Hill Perry
03. "Return Of The Real Hard Beat" by Beat Rabbi & Deepspace5
02. "Heart 2 Heart" by Bay Side Wreckers ft. Laura Munro & Harlin Firman
01. "The Way" by Brad Sabat

Those where the songs our listeners loved.  Really good to see a few Australian artists in there.

Those two shows were followed by a show looking at what other new songs we played in 2018 were getting a lot of love.  We did this by tallying streams and views on various sites.

Here's that list:

14. "Grow Up" by Christon Gray
13. "Dead Man" by Joshua Loke Smith
12. "Lamentations" by Jackie Hill Perry
11. "The Fool Pt 3 (Frame of Mind)" by Shad
10. "Nino Brown" by Canon
09. "Trust in You" by Big Sam
08. "Say Goodbye" by Social Club Misfits
07. "Warriors" by Bizzle
06. "Praying Hands (Remix)" by Ty Brasel ft. Trip Lee
05. "Hall of Fame" by Swoope
04. "Prayer Loop Song" by Supaman
03. "Get Back Right" by Lecrae
02. "I Ain't Done" by Andy Mineo
01. "No Name" by NF

Finally, here's our top 5 Australian songs getting the most streams/views on the internet:

05. "Braggadocio" by W.O.T.S. ft. Sounds Like Dspl
04. "Duck for Cover" by Raw Torque
03. "Be The Change" by Licy Be ft. CASS & WYLD
02. "Take Me Home" by Genesiz ft. Outlawz
01. "Concrete Pillow" by D Minor ft. Alli Simpson