USA / UK / Australia

JustMe (Scribbling Idiots - USA), Mistery (KWR - Australia), Praying Mantis (Change The Tape (UK) and Rezadent (Change The Tape - Australia).

The idea came from a photo of JustMe and Mistery chillin' at Flavorfest in 2010.  Everyone who saw it commented on how similar they looked.  Soon after Praying Mantis would join Rezadent's label "Change The Tape" and it turns out they both fit the profile as well.  Mistery and Rezadent being long time friends then joined forces to pull it all together.

Tracks We've Played

The Doppelgänger Project   (2012)

Meta Force


Spitting Image

Uprock Compilation Vol.10   (2020)

Enter The Vision (ft. Lex)