Washington, USA

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Gowe is a hip-hop artist from Seattle who is best known for his lyrical authenticity and ability to integrate a diverse range of genres within his craft.

In 2011, Gowe released his first breakout hit “I Wonder”, a song detailing the discovery of his own adoption at the age of 18.  Through the support of blogs, social media and international publications, Gowe was able to gain a substantial following after this initial release.

In 2012, Gowe followed up “I Wonder” with his debut album “We Are HyperGiants”.  The album continued to build the rapper’s fanbase by displaying a diverse range of musical influences while still retaining his signature lyrical complexity and flow.

Gowe continued to expand his catalog by releasing a Jazz-hop LP titled “Summer Breeze Sonatas” in 2014 and a follow-up sophomore album “Music Beautiful” in 2015.

Part of Gowe’s appeal is his ability to push the boundaries of traditional hip hop by introducing topics and sounds that are not commonly integrated with the art.  Gowe’s listeners often describe being left with ‘the feels’ after listening to his music – a compliment to his authenticity and style.

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