Young C


Young C is your complete artist. With the foundation of original Hip-Hop, Young C’s genre is not solely rugged. The versatility of this young man’s flow has expanded his range to the sounds of Rock, Jazz, Funk, R&B, and even the Blues. No longer limiting his talents to “rap,” Young C has grown into a musical student; finding a way to respect, honor and incorporate real lyrics into today’s beloved “mainstream” style; making the music appealing to all ages. Bottom line, he is the old sound in a new voice.

Tracks We've Played

Child Proof (w/ JKZN)

Close to You (ft. ARTE)

Dark Days


Flip the Tables (ft. William Cata)

Flowers (w/ Jkzn)

Guard the Body

If It Ain't You (w/ Jkzn)

Kill Switch

Lost Again

Man of God (ft. Jkzn)

More Glory (ft. Jkzn)

Peace (ft. Jkzn)

Play No Games (ft. Jkzn)

Sound Mind

Talk About God (w/ JKZN)