Village KNG


Who would think to pair the crunchy, CeeLo-ate-a-Transformer vocals of Pettidee with the boom-bap lyricism of unlocked action figure Knowdaverbs?

“About a year ago, Verbs and I linked up to discuss some voice over work. During the process we reminisced about the rich community that comes from being in the studio with other hip hop heads who follow Jesus,” Pettidee said. “We ended up pulling up some beats and just messing around with some tracks. One thing led to another and we ended up with a handful of songs we felt were worth sharing.”

The team decided upon the name Village KNG. It represents their desire to make an impact on a local level and to remind others they serve the “King of Kings.”

Tracks We've Played

Afro Frontier

Forward Motion

Harriet Tubman (ft. Rocket & DJ Skillspinz)

King (ft. J2 Simalonda)