Malachi John

SA, Australia |

A rapper who uses his life experiences to guide his music, trying to bring something deeper to the people that listen to his music...

"I've had rough times, I've had great times, but everyday I live my life in the light of god following his path for me, its not always easy but its the path I choose.

I have many inspirations in my life that I put into my music, like the many great rappers who influence me, my life journey with god, my nerdy style.

I would not be here today without God, without my lovely parents and all my closest friends." -Malachi John

Tracks We've Played

Back To The Present (ft. MC Lars, Euphorian)

Uprock Compilation 2018   (2018)

Nothing Can Seperate Us (ft. Humphrey)

Rebirth   (2019)

Satan's Hostage

Uprock Compilation 2019   (2019)

Scribe to Serve (ft. The Profit & Cas Metah)