HeeSun Lee



Heesun is a female lyricist, who has dedicated her life to Christ.  She spits hard through her rhymes and stands firm in the truth.  After being abandoned at birth in Seoul, Korea, Heesun uses her personal experiences as an adoptee to bring hope and encouragement to her listeners.  She mixes up her love for poetry and hiphop in her music, and breaks every stereotype that this world holds against her.  Her words speak to the heart and she never compromises her self-worth.  Through every obstacle that has come in her path, Heesun is still standing strong in her passion, and never fails in delivering thought-provoking messages.

Tracks We've Played

Colorblind (ft. Lee Michelle)



Gorgeous (ft. Braille)

I Break Stereotypes (ft. MC Jin)

I Get In (ft. Chris Cobbins)