R16 Oceania 2013

When:  Saturday, 11 May 2013 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Where:  CBD
City, Sydney, NSW   (Map)

Krosswerdz Australia will be holding a bboy battle in Sydney CBD on Saturday 11 May.

We are currently trying to raise funds (>$20,000) to make this part of the official R16 worldwide program.

If we can get the funds to make it an R16 event - the winning crew will receive an all expenses paid trip to Korea to participate in the R16 World Championships during 6-8 July.
If we can't raise the funds - we will still be holding an event on the same day with a major prize for the winning crew.

The event is open to crews in the Oceania World Region: Australia, New Zealand and surrounding nations.
We believe there will be an R16 National Qualifier in New Zealand. If you are a NZ crew that wins that event you will win flights and accommodation to Sydney to compete in R16 Oceania.

Further details below:

Crews must be comprised of 8 team members and must nominate a central contact person. Crews can register more than one team, however each person can only compete once in the Crew battles.
Each crew member must be a resident of one of the countries in Oceania World Region, or have lived in one of those countries for at least three months in 2013.
The only competitors eligible to compete in both the Crew battle and Junior battles are persons under 18 years of age.

The Junior competition is only open to Australian residents who are:
• under 18 years or
• aged 18 or older who have been breaking for two years or less. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to persons aged 18 or older who are deemed capable of competing at a higher level.

Judging: The O.U.R. System will be used for this event. One judge will be designated for each of the following elements: Foundation, Execution, Battle, Originality, Dynamics. Please note that Poe One will be overseas during this event and will not be available for judging.

Cost: The cost of entering is $15 per crew member and $10 for junior one on one.

Venue: To be announced. We are currently negotiating with a sponsor for the venue and hope to confirm this as soon as possible.

Host: Mistery

Questions and registration: Please email kristyATkrosswerdz.com

Thank you to our sponsor: Sydney City Council for kicking in $5,000 for this event. No word yet on whether Clover Moore will be battling on the day.

The facebook event will be updated as more details are announced and confirmed:

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support!