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29 Dec 2018

Some of the hottest new songs we played in 2018, part one of two.  Votes tallied from your playlist likes on our website.


22 Dec 2018

Merry Christmas from Defintion Radio!  This show we bust out the Christmas hip hop classics, along with playing some new tunes.


15 Dec 2018

It’s those blokes again, Oaks & Jabs play some new music from James & Jon & Jupiter plus some Aussie stuff with a flashback from Grits as they debate the responsibility of the artist to help them hijack outros and even take that to the next level with a pre-written response verse.  Mind blown.

Oaks, Jabs

8 Dec 2018

New music by The Poet & The Profit, nobigdyl, Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K, and K. Sparks.  Flashback by the L.A. Symphony.


24 Nov 2018

Featuring songs in memory of DJ Efechto (RIP} and time he spent in Australia.

Full 2014 interview with Efechto on the KW10 Podcast:

Official Spotify playlist with tracks Efechto loved, produced or scratched on:


17 Nov 2018

We won!! Oaks & Jabs celebrate Definition Radio winning the 2018 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia award for “Contribution To Australian Music – Radio Program” by playing all Australian Hip Hop.  Featuring new music by the Fonke Knomaads and a flashback by legendary crew the Soul Keepers.

Oaks, Jabs

10 Nov 2018

Feature album is "A Short Story About a War" by Shad.  Also the new single by Izzy out of Sydney, which has a video clip you can watch on our YouTube channel.


3 Nov 2018

We play the new single "Concrete Pillow" by Sydney artist D Minor.  New rap by Aaron Cole, who's known more for his singing colaboration with tobyMac.  A new song by Canadian artist Die-Rek, showing what goodness can happen when a producer raps over his own track.  Flashbacks by Lightheaded and Sundance.


27 Oct 2018

Out guest and featured artist is Ozay Moore, who's come from the USA to the Uprock Summit in Sydney.  We talk about longevity as an artist, personal growth and mentoring others in hip-hop.

K-man, Oaks   Guests: Ozay Moore

20 Oct 2018

Jabs has dragged himself out of bed to team up with Oaks for another episode of bangers and banter.  Feature artist is Ozay Moore (fka Othello) who will be in Australia soon for the Uprock Hip Hop Summit.  Also new music from Randy Mason & Imperial & Kinetik, Oaks & Jabs’ favourite Uprock Compilation tracks and of course a flashback.

Oaks, Jabs

13 Oct 2018

New music by The Allergies x Andy Cooper, Trevor McNevan, PEABOD.  Sundance double-play.  Flashback by Lojique.


6 Oct 2018

Hear about the coming Uprock Hip Hop Summit from our guest Mistery.  New music by Griffin, and Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K.  A double-play of Listener.

K-man   Guests: Mistery

29 Sep 2018

New tracks by Andy Mineo, ALERT312, Rich Colón.  We also play some bangers from Australia, and a few by artists who are performing at Flavor Fest 2018 in Florida, USA


22 Sep 2018

We're showing luv, and giving thanks in this playlist


15 Sep 2018

Oaks & Jabs are back with the bangers.  Feature album is “Urban Revival” by That Brotha Lokey plus new music by Jon Corbin, James Gardin, Imperial & Sundance.  There’s even a bootleg exclusive recorded by Oaks himself plus a triple-play for the flashback challenge.  Get into it.

Oaks, Jabs

8 Sep 2018

We hear from Licy Be about her brand new song.  Music from WA to Qld through to Vic and overseas.  K-man shares an Australian flashback and news about Definition.

K-man   Guests: Licy Be

1 Sep 2018

Featuring artists who've collaborated with an artist who's coming to Australia for Uprock


25 Aug 2018

Featuring the new "Sons of Intellect" album by KJ-52 and Goldinchild.  New music by James Gardin, and a SOI flashback.


18 Aug 2018

New music by NF, Derek Minor, Ruslan, Jon Corbin, and Jeremiah Bonds.  K-man takes a new angle on the Flashback Challenge.


11 Aug 2018

Lots of random statements, strange stories, wisecracking jokes, some bangin’ tracks and a premium flashback.  That’s Oaks & Jabs on Definition Radio.  Back once again the boys get into it for another episode.  It’s a bit of a Wiz fest but hey we’re ok with that.

Oaks, Jabs

4 Aug 2018

New music by Newselph, Big Sam, BRM, and a flashback by the Tunnel Rats


28 Jul 2018

New music by Shad, No Malice, Tae Lamar, and Czar Josh


21 Jul 2018

Oaks & Jabs ask the question, could it be? The best…. Definition…. Ever??  Probably not but there’s plenty of new music from around the world, plenty of banter, plenty of tracks by producers and a killer flashback.  Do enjoy.

Oaks, Jabs

14 Jul 2018

New music by Jon Corbin, Supaman ... and highlighting a few Aussie indigenous artists in the mix


7 Jul 2018

New music by Izzy, Sevin, Propaganda, Stephen the Levite, J. Crum, Armond Wakeup...


30 Jun 2018

New Lecrea x Zaytoven, Nomis, Ty Brasel, and a L.A. Symphony flashback


23 Jun 2018

Jabs is back safe and sound teaming up with Oaks once again to bring the goodness.  Featured album is “Mind Over Matter” by Sareem Poems & Ess Be plus some other new tracks (including a universe wide exclusive), a couple of extra bangers, a “sort of” flashback from Phanatik and an abundance of shout outs.  Check it.

Oaks, Jabs

16 Jun 2018

K-man selects 3 tracks off Wiz's latest album.  New music by Jon Corbin.


9 Jun 2018

Oaks & Jabs minus the Jabs equals Oaks as your host.  More beats & rappin and less yappin’.  Brand new track from Wiz fka Wizdm and an OG flashback from Oaks’ first gospel hip-hop purchase.


2 Jun 2018

New music by Bizzle, Canon, nobigdyl, WHATUPRG... a Tunnel Rats flashback and double play


26 May 2018

Playing new music by Braille, Ozay Moore, Shadow of the Locust, Guvna B, Re:flex the Architech ... beautiful one day, perfect the next


19 May 2018

Playing a few off Jackie Hill Perry's latest album, and new Bizzle, nobigdyl, Chrisjay, and 2.0.


12 May 2018

Oaks & Jabs are back with a super deep yet pleasantly lighthearted show.  Some serious topics, serious beats and serious fake beef squashing.

Oaks, Jabs

5 May 2018

Two new songs by Andy Mineo, and a flashback by Aussie crew Storm Troop.


28 Apr 2018

Playing some of the pioneers of CHH


21 Apr 2018

K-man responds to Oaks ... and plays some tracks


7 Apr 2018

Playing new music by D4C, KJ-52, and J. Crum


24 Mar 2018

New music by GRITS, Shelly.H, Manafest, K. Sparks, Paradox, and a pile of flashback tracks.


17 Mar 2018

New music by Sareem Poems, Social Club Misfits, Ruslan, Swoope...


10 Mar 2018

Oaks & Jabs, with new music by Canon, Shelly.H, Sean C. Johnson, Ozay Moore, Armond Wakeup

Oakbridge, Jabs

3 Mar 2018

New music by KJ-52, Armond Wakeup, and retro-new by Vee & Josh


24 Feb 2018

Interview with Licy Be from the Gold Coast

K-man, Mark   Guests: Licy Be

17 Feb 2018

K-man playing new Lightheaded, Dre Murray, Social Club Misfits, Joshua Luke Smith, ASAP Preach...


10 Feb 2018

Oaks and Jabs, hosting the show and hijacking your outros!

Oakbridge, Jabs

3 Feb 2018

New music by Genesiz, NF, Altty, Ozay Moore, Imperial, James Gardin, B Cooper, Justus...


13 Jan 2018

Hottest new songs played on Definition in 2017 ... part 3


6 Jan 2018

Hottest new songs played on Definition in 2017 ... part 2


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