Hottest of 2017

14 Jan 2018 | News

This summer on the show, we went through some of the hottest songs that we played on Definition Radio in 2017.  Narrowed down by your votes, and Internet streaming play counts.

The artist appearing the most is Sintax.the.Terrific in Deepspace5, Midcentury Modern, and a colab with (someone who appeared twice) Jon Corbin.

From Australia, the artist appearing on this list the most is Marksman Lloyd.  Though throughout the year we suspect the Australian we heard on the show the most was the colab king ... Izzy!

The three parts used a different weighting on votes/plays.

Songs that won more so by our listener's votes...

  • "Rogue Wave" by Midcentury Modern
  • "Mulplicity" by Eskatology
  • "Get Up" by Arrested Development
  • "Real Thugs" by r&R
  • "One Time" by Bay Side Wreckers
  • "Promise Land" by James Gardin
  • "Diamond Boss" by Peace 586
  • "One Life" by Licy Be
  • "War (Inside)" by MP Ancient
  • "Word. On. The. Street." by W.O.T.S.
  • "Blue Eyed Devil" by Krum
  • "Balance Both" by Abdominal remixed by Imperial
  • "Longevity" by Cas Metah
  • "Main Event" by The Allergies
  • "Good Day" by Dee Black
  • "Real Homies" by ZERO

A mix of listener votes and streaming play counts...

  • "Didn't Know" by Marksman Lloyd
  • "Do Dat at" by Qheem
  • "Sunrise" by Sevin
  • "City" by Isatta Sheriff
  • "Mad Men" by Midcentury Modern
  • "Really His" by Sivion
  • "Know About It" by Jered Sanders
  • "Pianos in Jericho" by Sho Baraka
  • "Bar Cave" by Thi'sl
  • "Haters" by Beacon Light
  • "Thank God" by Genesiz
  • "Tree Tops" by nobigdyl.
  • "I Got The Spirit" by Tee Wyla
  • "Spark the Flame" by Jon Corbin

These songs smashed the most Internet plays...

  • "Doing Me" by Konata Small
  • "Breathe" by Sareem Poems & Terem
  • "Olympian" by Propaganda
  • "Shoot Me" by Dream Junkies
  • "Uzutrap" by J. Han
  • "Pain of Regret" by Izzy
  • "You Cant' Hold Me Down" by Mogli the Iceburg
  • "Messiah" by Beautiful Eulogy
  • "Still Unashamed" by Trip Lee
  • "Know About It" by KJ-52
  • "King" by Bizzle
  • "NOMO" by Marksman Lloyd
  • "KIDZ" by Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed
  • "Pop Out Revenge" by Social Club
  • "Blessings" by Lecrae & Ty Dolla $ign

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Here's the links to listen to part 1, part 2, part 3.

Bonus list ... Aussie Releases to check out!

Some of our Aussie artists might not the get worldwide attention they deserve.  But we definitly had some nice albums and EPs released down-under in 2017.

  • Marksman Lloyd - "Portals"
  • Izzy - "Snake Eyes"
  • Eskatology - "Reality Check"
  • Nameless - "Letter to the Gutter"
  • Bay Side Wreckers - "Cardio Selections EP"
  • Krosswerdz - "Uprock Compiliation 2017"
  • Fonke Knomaads - "FreakWild"
  • ZERO - "24/7"
  • Altty - "Mr Beef Cheeks"
  • Licy Be - "Beautifully Broken"
  • D4C - "Transformed and Remixed"
  • Tim Turner - "Out of Darkness"
  • BRB - "New Kinda Human"
  • Krosswerdz Recordings - "What's the Werd Vol 2"

There's more to look forward to this year.