Scribbling Idiots

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Mark Twain called himself “a scribbler of books”, and any self-respecting emcee would call himself a scribbler of rhymes.  Still, Scribbling Idiots is a strange name for a rap group.  But in the current climate of lackluster braggadocio, a group with so much God-given talent needs a self-deprecating name to keep them grounded.  Enter Scribbling Idiots.

Tracks We've Played


Everything Was Perfect (ft. Ilyas)

S & I

Through The Clouds

Night Owls 4   (2008)

Fine Line (ft. DJ Promote)

The Have Nots   (2008)

Almost Famous

Easily A Muse

Have Nots

Is that You?


More Than Crew

Publicity Stunt Doubles (ft. LMNO)


Start Livin'

That's Life

Told You So (ft. Masta Ace)

Where I'm Going

An Illect Recordings Christmas Recording   (2009)

Jingle Bell Knock

Idiomatic Mixtape 2   (2009)

Don't Ask

It's All About

Jimmy's Dream

Make The Call

Mouth Warren

Invitation Only   (2014)

Got That Hunger (ft. KJ-52, Theory Hazit, JustMe & EF Cuttin)

Here We Go (ft. Listener, Mouf Warren & EF Cuttin)

Journey On (ft. BlackBolt, Elias, k-Drama & Sev Statik)

Last But Not Least (ft. Theory Hazit, Magestik Legend, Propaganda & DJ Efechto)

Might As Well (ft. Sintax the Terrific, Mouf Warren, Urlybyrd & Mike B)

Nothing To Prove (ft. Capture, JustMe, Sean P & DJ Aslan)

Old Heads (ft. muzeONE, Wonder Brown & BlackBolt)

Pass It (ft. Freddie Bruno, JustMe, muzeONE, Jurny Big, Griffin)

Thankful (ft. Wonder Brown, D-Minor, Ozay Moore & MotionPlus)

The Goon Docks (ft. Cas Metah, Adan Bean & Sintax the Terrific)

Victorious (ft. Red Cloud, Cas Metah, Playdough, Sojourn, Manchild & Jurny Big)

Good Morning Mourning   (2016)

Complete (ft. Griffin)

Dog Days

Good Morning Mourning