Hostyle Gospel


Hostyle Gospel is a dynamic Christian hip-hop group merging musical talent with the Word of God to point people to Christ.  With pulse-pounding rhythms and raw lyrics, Hostyle Gospel is igniting a fire of passion for God across America.

Though they reference the Gospel as hostile, hostility is merely the method of delivery.  Through this, they provide edgy compilations that merge with terse messages to create a sense of urgency to a generation in need of something more.  Hostyle Gospel is armed with the raw energy of their performances and the ammunition of their faith; thus, Hostyle Gospel is appealing to young and old alike.

Hostyle Gospel are: Proverb, King Soloman, Elias, King Son, Kamikaze, The Teckniek, and Hdavid.

Tracks We've Played

Skittles & Iced Tea (ft. John Givez)