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Triple D aka DATIN....Newark NJ, Brick city!

Once upon a time Datin was going heavy in the underground and on the battle sceen.. He popped up every where from the Lyrical showgun to the Lyrical combat to the EOW MC challenge to the EOW MC challenge of champions to the EOW team MC challenge to the EOW MC challenge tv show to 106 and parks freestyle friday to MONDAY NITE FIGHT KLUB to Bizarre and Proof's (D12) "who wants to battle?" Emcee battle in Detroit to the EOW international MC challenge held in SPAIN to the EOW/Rock steady all star MC challenge....the list goes on and on...

Datin popped up on a couple DVD's.  He worked with multi-platinum hit producers and was just a signiture away from a major label record deal.

"I had only dreamed of getting that close 2 a record deal... it was everything I hoped and prayed 4... I thought a record deal would change everything 4 the better and complete me.. but the truth is the closer I got 2 this "dream" of mine the further I felt away from God...especialy cause I knew the Lord wasnt pleased with the evil music I was putting out...I was unsatisfied and unforfilled.. I had no peace..I felt filthy..I knew I needed something more and a savior 2 clens me of this filth...and thats when Christ stepped in and stole my heart!  Every accomplishment, ever dollar made and all the respect I had earned ment nothing anymore next 2 having Jesus in my life!...I walked away from the music industry and gave my life 2 Christ...I put the mic down 4 a while but now Im back 2 tell the world what the Lord has done in my life and what he can do in yours! ...thank u for taking the time out 2 read this.... GOD BLESS U All"

Tracks We've Played

Bounce Back (ft. Monster Tarver)

Fire In My Heart (ft. Lavoisier & Bizzle)

Go Time (ft. Jered Sanders, Bumps Inf & Marz Ferrer)

Pull The Plug Remix (ft. Selah The Corner, Zay Tate, Lionel King & DJ YNot?)

Shook (ft. Jered Sanders & Selah Tha Corner)

Who Do You Believe? (ft. Marty)

Work in Progress (ft. Zack Limitless)

The Roar   (2016)

Hallelujah All Day

Say That!

CHH Ain't Dead Vol. 1   (2020)

Back in the Ring (ft. M. Tarver)

Hall of Martyrs (ft. S.O., Ruslan, Uncle Reece, Dru Bex & Jxhn Pvul)

Jungle (ft. Shiwan & Parris Chariz)

Move! (ft. Canon)

We Fight (Colour Purple) (ft. 1K Phew, Wande)