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The phrase “come from a mighty long way” is what S.O. would describe his journey in life as.  From living in Nigeria and coming to start a new life in London at the age of 9, to losing his father over a tragic car accident.  His road hasn’t been an easy one, but he always knew there was something better watching at the end.  “When growing up I re-call telling my sister I wanted to be a pastor…..you don’t get many kids saying that”, says S.O.  The year 2004 was the year he saw himself surrender his life to Jesus Christ, “that was a wonderful experience and it was real, how do I know? Simple. I have seen change.”  Already having an interest in music S.O. knew it would be too easy to just jump into gospel rap, “I really didn’t want to rap, I thought it was an easy way out” but little did S.O. know that the Lord had already planned to use him to reach a generation.

2005 saw a change in mindset as S.O. met UK Gospel group New Direction, they saw the talent and simply nurtured it.  Eager to learn, he watched as the Lord worked through his new friends and mentors but didn’t rush to jump on the stage.  It wasn’t until 2006 that S.O. knew that it was time to begin a ministry that will not phase out but a ministry that would stand the test of time and also be powerful.

Tracks We've Played

All Good

All I Got (ft. J. Williams)

I Dont Pack a Matic


London Dreams

London Nights

So It Begins   (2011)

Feminine Appeal (ft. Serene)

Love Is

So It Begins

Sure Thing

So It Continues   (2012)

I Am (ft. Shai Linne)

I Can Bear

Tell Em All (ft. Andy Mineo)