Show for 9 April 2022

Jordan of River Movement jumps on the phone to talk with K-man and Holbo about their new single "Know You More" featuring Sole Option.

There's also new songs by "1k (everyone)", Joshua Luke Smith, Wild Sons...  Flashbacks by Braille and Shad.

  • 1 Live Like You (ft. Emily Brimlow) River MovementAU Impending Light  (2019)
  • 2 Deployed Sole OptionAU
  • 0 Don't Worry Bout It (ft. Porsha Love) Wande
  • 0 Boys in Motion (ft. 1K Phew, 1K P son, Don Tino, Chris Elijah, I Am Chozen & AJ the Great) New 1K Famo
  • 0 Hold Me Back (ft. Wild Sons) New Joshua Luke Smith
  • 0 Revenge (The Right Way) Flashback Braille Weapon Aid  (2010)
  • 1 Wheel Back, Come Again DIE-REK
  • 0 Lift Off (ft. DJ Sean P) Griffin MemWarz  (2012)
  • 0 Who Do You Believe? (ft. Marty) Datin
  • 2 When Freedom Rings (ft. LYPHE & Kaboose) MotionPlus / MP Ancient No Expiration Date  (2016)
  • 4 Know You More (ft. Sole Option) River MovementAU
  • 0 River Cypher (ft. River, Shelly.H, Raw Torque, Mike Holberton, Benji Winslade, C-Side) River MovementAU Impending Light  (2019)
  • 0 Rock 2.0 It Flashback Shad iTunes Session - EP  (2011)
  • 0 Shalom (ft. John Givez) J. Han Tower Ivory  (2015)