Show for 18 November 2023

The UPROCK Synopsis!!  Oaks & Jabs share a glimpse into what was the goings on of the 2023 Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit.  Playing some favourites from the artists who were there and also some new tracks by some new friends.  As usual it’s all packaged up with some heartfelt showing of love as well as some clowning around.  Shoutout to the bro DrewFunk.

You can watch the Uprock Concert 2023 here:

Check out some music videos here:
Christ Mode by E.Man:
Keep It Running by E.Man ft. Th3rdkind:
Proclaim by E.Man ft. UzoBuks & Jermaine:
Called Me by Th3rdkind:
Holy Spirit Active by RoyalpriestHood:
TYJ by Junyah ft. The Plowman:
Blind by The Plowman ft. Frisko:

  • 0 Christ Mode New E.Man
  • 0 Keep It Runnin Part 1 (ft. Th3rd Kind) E.Man
  • 0 Proclaim (ft. Jermaine & Uzo Buks) E.Man
  • 0 Called Me New Th3rdkind
  • 2 Faith (ft. Junyah but, God.  (2023)
  • 0 Matthew 4:4 (ft. The Profit) Junyah but, God.  (2023)
  • 0 Holy Spirit Active RoyalpriestHood
  • 0 Change (ft. SEFZ & GIDEON) New oneinamiri
  • 0 Switchin' Lanes Remix (ft. Jonnie 3:16 & Mvkeyy J) LiCoNAU
  • 1 Great Gain New Jonnie 3:16AU
  • 0 Double Sided Coin New J.RUMZAU
  • 1 Fellowship (ft. Oscar The Disciple) New Vytal OneAU
  • 1 TYJ (ft. The Plowman) Junyah but, God.  (2023)
  • 1 Blind (ft. Frisko) The Plowman