The Battery


Peace 586 & Jurny Big

It's perfectly understandable to think that a relationship might become a little stale after 20 years.  Whether things just don't "click" like they used to, the flame has slowly dwindled, or maybe the two sides have simply grown apart over the years, sometimes the passing of time takes its toll.  Luckily for hip-hop fans, this hasn't been the case for left-coast veterans Jurny Big and Peace 586.  The duo have both been involved in a variety of projects over the years (think Freedom of Soul, LPG, Tunnel Rats) and now have exclusively joined forces for their newest project, The Battery.

Tracks We've Played

One   (2011)

Break (ft. DJ Aslan)

The First 48 (ft. DJ Aslan)

Two   (2013)


Cuddit (ft. Sev Statik & RationaL)

Finna Be (ft. Propaganda)


I'm Good

The Change Up   (2015)

Bitter Pill

Copy Us (ft. Tunnel Rats)

Crack the Heavens (ft. Manchild & Sojourn)

Dear Lord

Lazy Susan (ft. Christon Gray & Taelor Gray)

Willie Vasquez