Show for 19 August 2023

A special dedication, some birthday wishes, a salute to some legends, some political commentary and a bunch of dope tracks with Oaks & Jabs.

  • 0 Take Me Up (ft. WHATUPRG) New Lecrae Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only  (2023)
  • 0 We Go On (ft. JohnO, Solomon Headen, Ashley Merrell) New Swoope
  • 0 Flood Your Mind (Remix) New Brother E
  • 0 Power in Weakness (ft. King Jims) New Si Knightly
  • 0 Below The Belt Freestyle (Mogli the Iceburg, nobigdyl, Jon Keith & DJ Mykael V) New indie tribe. L O W B L O W  (2023)
  • 0 Kill Switch New Young C
  • 0 Like or Love it (ft. Jeremiah Bilgen) New Thre
  • 0 Symbiotic New NomiS
  • 0 Body Roc (ft. Chille Baby & Mr Solo) New Soup the Chemist
  • 0 Don't Waste Your Life (ft. Cam, Dwayne Tryumf) Flashback Lecrae Rebel  (2008)
  • 0 Criminals in Action (ft. Taylor Gray & The Resistance) New Cephas
  • 0 Pain of Regret (ft. Zeadala) IzzyAU Snake Eyes  (2017)
  • 0 Be Somebody (ft. Alyssa Jane) New MotionPlus / MP Ancient